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Another Winner

I’m impressed with the quality of the non-alcoholic craft brews coming out of Athletic Brewing Co.

This IPA is just as good as their Hazy IPA I tried last week. If I were more of a beer snob, I could give a critique, but as it is, I just know when something works for me. This one does.

Athletic Brewing Co. Run Wild IPA
Athletic Brewing Co. Run Wild IPA


I started poking around the Scribbles page source on my site, and I've discovered Vincent is using the TailwindCSS framework. I've heard it mentioned a time or two in the past, but never looked at it.

I just did, and dang... I'm blown away by the possibilities. Another shiny object added to the list of things to learn.

Digital Spring Cleaning

I've spent the last few days cleaning up all the cruft on my MacBook Air M1 in anticipation of my new fully spec'd M3 model arriving so I can take a full backup to be sure I don't lose anything important.

I was surprised to see how much junk I let accumulate in folders buried deep in places I'd forgotten about over the last few years. It netted me more than 5GB of disk space recovered.

I like to start fresh with a new machine, installing apps and files that I need at the moment, pulled from a backup, rather than moving everything from the old machine to the new. It may take a little extra time up front, but it's worth it in the long run.

A New Challenge

I think I'm up for a new challenge, so the plan is to dip my toes into the Ruby on Rails pool. I messed around with it once 15 (or more) years ago, but never gave it a lot of effort.

Any good resources shared are greatly appreciated.

Wish me luck.

Basic Copyright WordPress Plugin

My Basic Copyright WordPress plugin was approved today. I'll be committing it to the repository this evening or tomorrow. It's nothing special, though I do have plans to grow it over time.

The gist of what the plugin does is it inserts a copyright notice via short code where ever you want to place it. If you have posts that span many years, it'll insert something like:

© 2000 - 2024 Your Blog Title

If your posts are all in the current year, it just displays the current year, something like:

© 2024 Your Blog Title

I'll grow its features over time, but this is something I've wanted to get out there for a really long time.

That Wasn't So Hard...

Well... It took all of 30 minutes to enable the option to not track WordPress admin Tinylytics hits if they're logged into their site. Easy-peasy when I got down to it.

Next up is the custom public stats label. I've also completed the custom public stats label work. I expect to release an update by the weekend, if not sooner.

Thanks go to Vincent for sharing his prior experience and knowledge on the topic. 🎉

Next Tinylytics for WordPress Features

I'm thinking on the next Tinylytics for WordPress features I'd like to add to the plugin. Here's what I have so far...

  1. Allowing site admin to set a custom text value for the public stats link. Currently it defaults to "My Stats" when show public stats are enabled in the plugin. I'd like people to be able to set what they prefer as link text. This would be added to the plugin as well. Effort: easy
  2. Adding an option to let users decide if their own hits when they are logged in as an admin for their WordPress site -- basically session tracking. This would save having to manually set the local storage "ti=true" parameter value to stop tracking. Effort: moderate

What other features would be nice to have?

Next WordPress Plugin

I have an idea for another WordPress plugin now that I've wrapped up work on my first. This one will be a shortcode to easily add dynamic copyright info in the footer of a page, based on code I already use in my own WordPress site's functions.php file.

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